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Baking is just fuel for training

Baking Is Just
Fuel to
Reach New Summits

Popular Recipes

Ryan Atkins Lindsay Webster training with their malamute

Fueling Our Way to
Athletic Success

Hi, I'm Lindsay

My husband and I are two professional athletes, with a passion for cooking and baking that's just as strong as our passion for the outdoors. Our philosophy is that everything is fuel; Whether you're in to CrossFit, Ironman, taking the dog on hikes or adventure in the lakes and mountains, we're here to show you how to make everything, and eat everything, as part of a healthy active lifestyle! YOLO - let's live it to the fullest.

Crunchy Leaf Season

Cozy season is coming! I love going for runs at this time of year. I'm always sad when the colourful leaves are done and they start to fall, but I love the sound of them crunching under my feet! Warm sweaters come out of the closet, the wood stove gets lit, and homemade soups make a comeback in my fridge. I love cooking with lots of spices and making lots of savoury foods once the weather turns colder. I'm excited to share loads of healthy recipes with you all, aaaand Christmas baking is just around the corner!

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