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About Me

Lindsay Webster in the veggie garden. Farm to table, growing food in your own backyard is the best rewarding healthy lifestyle

Hi, I'm Lindsay! I'm a professional athlete and a professional foodie!

Welcome to my food blog! Anyone who follows my personal athlete account on Instagram probably knows that I do a whole lot of cooking and baking. It’s been a huge passion of mine for years now. Every week, I’m getting new inspiration for recipes to invent and try. I’m so excited for a place to share how Ryan and I use them to nourish our workouts and adventures as professional athletes.

To fill in anybody new, my husband, Ryan Atkins, and myself are both Canadians and professional multisport and obstacle racing athletes. I love mountain running, and spent my most recent race season competing in Europe in the SkyRunning World Series. We also mountain bike, rock climb, cross country ski, backcountry and skimo ski, go camping in tents or our camper van, and just have a general love for the outdoors and a healthy, active lifestyle. Food is a big part of that well-rounded lifestyle. Cookies fuel our workouts as well as our souls! We eat everything. I want to show everyone not just how to make these yummy recipes, but how we use them to fuel our workouts. 

Things I Love

The Veggie Garden

Lindsay Webster with vegetables she grew in her vegetable garden

My veggie garden started small, and has expanded to a quite large one that feeds Ryan and I pretty much everything we need through the growing months. It's so incredible to look down at your plate and realize you've grown everything on it! Veggie gardens requires a lot of work, but I love it. I love the physical labor and connection with nature.

The Chickens

Farm fresh eggs from our backyard chickens

Chickens have such personalities! Ours follow us around the coop and crouch down when they want us to pet them or pick them up for a snuggle. Sure, there are a lot of chickens in the world, but they are incredible, providing us with daily nourishment. We keep ours organic and feed them lots of love. I'm hoping for sheep and goats soon too!

The Pets

Lindsay Webster and Ryan Atkins pets, Suunto the malamute and Nimbus the kitten

Suunto the Malamute, and Nimbus the adventurous kitten! I found Nimbus at only 5 weeks old. He didn't meet another cat for 4 months, and spent his first months trying to become just like his awesome big brother. They both come on walks with me in the backyard trails!

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