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The Daily Smoothie

Ryan and I eat these after workouts probably six, if not seven, days a week! It's the best healthy, fast recovery snack and easy way to get some fuel back in your body when it needs to start recovering. Who doesn't love a smoothie bowl?!

Research says it's very important to eat within 30 minutes after working out. This is essential to replenish any depleted glycogen stores, aka the sugars and carbs you burn during your workout. If you've ever done a workout where you "bonk," or become extremely dehydrated during your workout, you may have noticed additional muscle soreness, aches and pains, and fatigue. It doesn't just last that day, but can last up to 48 hours afterwards. As athletes who train day after day, it's important to us to get the most out of each workout. This means recovering properly in between, and that starts with fueling well during and after training!

Smoothies - why do we love them? Well, they're super refreshing, rehydrating and delicious. It also only takes five minutes to blend this up after a workout. When we're tired, very hungry, and just want to shower and sit, they're amazing. Obviously they taste delicious, but more importantly it's easy for your body to digest these calories. Smoothies are loaded with nutrients, but because they're blended, your body doesn't have to do the work of breaking down the food. That takes energy! It can just immediately start digesting these nutrients, and my body can put that energy in to muscular recovery instead. This smoothie contains carbohydrates from berries, as well as protein from milk, yogurt, peanut butter and of course whey protein - all part of essential post-workout nutrition!

During the winter, I'm a soup and sandwich/salad kind of person. I always have a homemade soup in the fridge. But the other three seasons of the year, all I want is this smoothie. I eat it nearly every day, and somehow don't get tired of it... I'm not even sure how that's possible.

Every person probably has their own favourite ingredients to add to a smoothie, but this is Ryan and I's rendition. We pretty much like the same thing, only he uses mixed berries while I prefer strawberries and rasberries. I also think finding your favourite protein powder is important! I used to hate protein because I found it all just tasted like chalk. Then I discovered this Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein, which is what we use (not sponsored! We buy this full price, and it's worth it). French Vanilla or Vanilla Ice Cream for the win! It adds the most delicious flavour to the smoothie, it's just really not the same without it.

Another thing we like to add in in collagen. HumanN makes a Cherry Berry-flavoured collagen + beetroot powder we like to add, called SuperBeets + Collagen. It doesn't taste like beets at all! People frequently ask us if there's something we take that helps with joint stiffness or that noticeably makes us feel better. We've tried fish oils, tumeric (and still take these), CBD, etc. but the one thing I notice a huge difference with after only a few days is collagen.

I always sprinkle my Olive Oil & Maple Granola on top, and eat my smoothie bowl with a spoon :) It's like having healthy dessert as a pre-lunch snack!


The Daily Smoothie

Servings: 1

Prep time: 7 minutes

Total time: 7 minutes


3/4 cup frozen strawberries or mixed berries

3/4 cup frozen rasberries

1/2 banana

1/3 cup orange juice

3/4 cup coconut milk

1/3 cup plain greek yogurt

1 tsp peanut butter

1 scoop Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein, Vanilla Ice Cream or French Vanilla flavour (or your protein and flavour of choice)

Optional: Collagen (we like HumanN SuperBeets + Collagen)

Top liberally with granola!


Pile all ingredients in to your blender. Blend, top with granola, and enjoy!

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